My Day as an Elementary School Principal

From left to right: Superintendent – YISD, Dr. Michael Zolkoski; Jason Brewer,United Way of El Paso County; Emilio Quiroz,Eastwood Heights Elementary, Deby Lewis, Board of Trustees – YISD.

I recently got a glimpse of the fascinating world of Public elementary school administration by participating in Ysleta Independent School District’s principal for the Day program. Through the district’s outreach program I was given behind the scenes access to our education system at work.

I also happened to placed at a school in full test prep mode. On Tuesday and Wednesday the 27th and 28th of March,  Eastwood Heights Elementary School as well as schools all across the state of Texas, will embark on a new journey in the standardized testing world known as STARR, the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness.

Though the impending task weighed heavily on the entire staff, their focus and commitment to student success, created an environment that was prime for learning. Under the supportive direction of “Mr Q”, Principal Emilio Quiroz, the staff continued to work diligently with the students preparing them for the upcomming test.

The day solidified for me that educators are the vital link to any community’s success.

From my experience at Eastwood Heights, I feel confident that El Paso children have an incredible opportunity to change the course of our community’s future for the better. And as a member of this community, I am thankful that we have an amazing education system in place to ensure our young minds are motivated and inspired to be the best they can be in school and in later life.

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