Head Start Children and Their Families Raise $10,000 for Youth Programs Through Kids’ Way Campaign

It is never too early to learn the value of giving back to your community. That is the message from the children and their families at ESC Region 19 Head Start through their generous contribution to the United Way Kids’ Way campaign.

Started in 1999 to teach El Paso’s young children the value of philanthropy, the United Way Kids’ Way campaign is a coordinated effort between the United Way of El Paso County and ESC Region 19 Head Start. Kids’ Way is a program by children for children. Kids in the Head Start program raise the money through various fund raising efforts, with funds given to assist programs such as Operation Noel and Junior Leadership of El Paso.

The program gives children and parents a chance to understand the needs within the community, as well as the services available to assist those needs. Dollars raised through the program benefit youth serving agencies throughout the county. Past recipients include, Junior Leadership of El Paso and Operation Noel.

Over the past 13 years, the campaign has raised more than $40,000. This year, the kids and their families exceeded all expectations by raising $10,000, more than doubling the previous year’s total!

“We are so proud of the children and their families for participating again this year and the teachers for initiating the campaign,” said Ramona Huffman, Program Manager for Education/Transition at ESC Region 19 Head Start. “Through their efforts, we were able to double our contribution to local youth programs.”

Kids’ Way Goals:

  1.  To instill the spirit of Philanthropy, community responsibility and individual caring in our community’s children.
  2. To acquaint El Paso children with community issues and creative approaches to solving them.
  3. To develop leadership skills in children through their participation in the Kids’ Way campaign.
  4. To provide an opportunity to contribute to the Kids’ Way campaign to fund projects that benefit children and youth.

For more information on the Kids’ Way program or the application process, contact Jason Brewer, VP of Marketing and Community Building for the United Way of El Paso County at 915.533.2434 ext. 236 or email – jbrewer@unitedwayelpaso.org.The United Way will release a Request for Proposals (RFP) in the coming weeks to begin the process of allocating the dollars raised through the program to El Paso youth serving agencies. A volunteer panel will evaluate the applications and make funding recommendations for approval by the United Way Board of Directors.

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