A Day in the Life of Your Donation

6:30 amA child is eating breakfast at a residential shelter for abused and neglected children. United Way of El Paso County is focus on providing a safe and secure environment for children and families in our community.

8:03 am – A mother is dropping her children off at an early childhood development center. Because it is a United Way funded program, she knows that her child is receiving a high quality education. United Way is focused on ensuring that El Paso children enter school ready to learn by providing high quality early child development programs.

10:15 am – A woman is learning how to manage her finances and work her way out of debt. By focusing on financial literacy, the United Way is helping families become financially stable and economically independent.

2:36 pm – A man is practicing his English to prepare for a job interview. by focusing on English as a Second Language (ESL) and workforce development to help build financial stability for individuals and families in El Paso County.

3:47 pm – A teenager arrives at his after school program, where he will receive tutoring, a health snack, and safe responsible supervision. United Way is dedicated to increasing graduation rates by focusing on high quality after school programs for El Paso youth.

5:25 pm – Homeless men and women are receiving hot, nutritious meals as well as a safe place to sleep. United Way is focusing on providing Basic Needs to our community’s most vulnerable residents.

7:14 pm – A counseling session is underway for a family of child with social anxiety. United Way works with programs that provide mental health services to support our children’s social and emotional needs.

2:26 am – A family is receiving assistance after a fire ravages their home and threatened their lives. In the weeks to come, United Way and partners will be there to help them rebuild their lives.

Your generosity makes days like this possible. Each year, the United Way of El Paso County helps thousands of individuals and families.

Your gift will have a measurable impact on Education, Basic Needs, and Income throughout El Paso County. Our entire community benefits when children enter school ready to learn; families live in a stable and safe environment; and individuals earn enough to support themselves and their families.

 Will you please help us create a better tomorrow?

Click here to learn how you can get involved today.


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