What’s for Lunch Today?

What if you did not know the answer?

The leading cause of food insecurity is poverty.  Those living in impoverished conditions are constantly trying to make ends meet with a limited income and continuous expenses.  For many, finding a stable food source is difficult.  When children go hungry, they’re unable to focus completely on their education.  When seniors go hungry, they’re life expectancy begins to lower.  It’s a serious issue that affects thousands of our neighbors.

Whether it’s emergency food pantries, meals for youth or senior center congregate meals, people in the metro area are seeing their needs met with the help of United Way donors.

Did you know that last year, United Way of El Paso County worked with community partners to feed 263,168 meals to hungry individuals and families, right here in El Paso?

The United Way of El Paso County continues to focus on safety net services designed to provide immediate assistance for struggling individuals and families. We are working with our community partners to take care of our community’s most vulnerable residents through food pantries and centralized feeding programs.

But we need your help.

When you contribute to the Community Impact Fund, you are building the foundation to make El Paso County a better place to live, work, and raise a family. 

Your gift will have a measurable impact on Education, Basic Needs, and Income throughout El Paso County. Our entire community benefits when children enter school ready to learn; families live in a stable and safe environment; and individuals earn enough to support themselves and their families.

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