My First Day at the United Way

By: Lorena L. Gomez

My name is Lorena L. Gomez, and I have recently accepted the position of Marketing and Communications Coordinator at the United Way of El Paso County.

After only one week in my new position, I have learned a tremendous amount about not only the needs in our community, but also of its generosity. On my first day of work, I accompanied a coworker to a United Way rally at General Electric Healthcare. She gave a touching presentation as we handed out pledge cards.  Lunch was catered and the bosses allowed for employees to pay for an opportunity to hit them in the face with a pie, all proceeds to benefit the United Way.  As expected, many jumped at the opportunity, and management, all good sports, were happy to participate.  To wrap up the celebration, a raffle was held, with the top prize being a large plasma television. As luck would have it, Gloria Espinosa, with whipped cream still hiding in the crevices of her face, had won. In an inspiring act of kindness, the Materials Leader offered to put the prize back up for another draw, giving employees one more opportunity to take home a TV worth hundreds of dollars for only five bucks, and increasing the total donation for United Way. It was amazing to see people open their wallets once more and hand over their hard-earned money. The second time around, the lucky winner was none other than a gentleman we had just met when he turned in his pledge card.

Everyone’s first day of a new job should be this inspirational.

Thank you to all of the employees of General Electric Healthcare and to the committee who made this rally possible: Alma Minjares, EHS Site Leader, Aleli Campbell, Project Leader, Laura Baquier, HR Leader, and Lidia Zamarripa, HR Representative.  Your efforts as philanthropic leaders will go a long way in helping our community.


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