United Way Allocates $50,000 Emerging Impact Funds to Project Arriba

United Way board of directors has approved an allocation of $50,000 to Project Arriba’s ESL to Living Wage Program as the Emerging Impact Fund.

The Emerging Impact Fund was created to fund the following: one-time or new and/or innovative collaborative efforts in our community; development of a pilot program; opportunities to leverage other resources; responses to unanticipated opportunity emergency; or other similar needs deemed by the board to fall outside typical resource distribution activities.

The ESL to Living Wage program provides long-term high skilled training and case management services to eligible El Paso County residents who require the occupational skills necessary to access jobs in hard to fill demand occupations that pay a living wage of at least $11.50 per hour, with benefits and a career path.

Project ARRIBA will collaborate with United Way funded AVANCE to identify participants who are not fluent in English and help them to matriculate into a college setting. The ESL transition employs intensive case management, needed wrap-around support services, and direct training to transition ESL students into a college degree program.

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