Area students improve their financial literacy with simulation

Sophomore students of San Elizario High School experienced what it’s like to maintain a family and household during a “Breaking the Cycle of Poverty” simulation that took place January 28.

Representatives from United Way of El Paso County (UWEPC), WestStar Bank and the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas – El Paso Branch guided the students through financial literacy activities. The students divided into groups to portray families dealing with different financial situations in order to overcome budgetary limitations and the accompanying stress.

As the students worked to provide basic necessities and shelter to their mock families, they were also introduced to community resources such as a bank, a super center, a social service agency, an employer, utility company, pawn broker, a state social service office, payday and title loan facility, a daycare and a school. Volunteer agencies also provided lessons on “College & Careers” and “Learning to Budget & Save.”

This is the second year that UWEPC along with its partners brought the “Breaking the Cycle of Poverty” simulation to the border area. The students overall gained financial management readiness, an understanding of the effects of poverty in their community and a venue to discuss improving society’s potential.

Breaking the Cycle - Lesson Breaking the Cycle - Group Work Breaking the Cycle - Full Room Breaking the Cycle - Evicted Sign


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