2015 Basic Needs Allocations Process comes to a close

Ensuring El Paso families are stable, healthy and safe is a huge priority of the United Way of El Paso County (UWEPC). It’s why UWEPC supports local agency programs working to provide basic needs that build strong families in our community.

Local agencies apply for funding but to assure we meet our goals, UWEPC has an ongoing allocation process to determine which non-profits receive Community Impact Fund* dollars.

At this time, the basic needs allocations process is coming to a close. Agencies that fall under the goals and strategies for basic needs submitted applications and requests for funding. Agencies then presented its program’s information to panels comprised of community volunteers who work together to assure agencies and its programs meet United Way standards and requirements.

The panel volunteers play an integral role in the process and we thank them for participating. During this process alone, 77 volunteers spent time participating in orientations, listening to presentations and reviewing applications.

For panelist Valerie Venecia, downtown artist and farmers market coordinator, the experience helped her become a champion for community impact.

“The allocations process is important in that it serves as a sort of checks and balances system for ensuring absolute fairness in opportunity on behalf of the entities seeking funding,” Venecia said. ” It also ensures that our community partners remain active and well informed about the organizations who receive support and the impact that they have on the people they serve.  I was more than happy to participate as I have been involved with the United Way in some form for as long as I can remember and this volunteer position helps to keep me up to date and familiar with the different resources offered throughout El Paso.”

Based on panel recommendations, the UWEPC board will approve the final amount allocated to each program. This year, $802,750 were available to allocate to basic needs programs from the Community Impact Fund.

*The Community Impact Fund is contributions from individual, corporate and foundation donors that help build a stronger community by funding proven initiatives in our three impact areas: Education, Basic Needs, and Income.


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