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Except by the Grace of God

As part of their annual workplace giving campaign, WestStar Bank employees recently toured United Way- funded programs that serve our community’s basic needs.  After seeing firsthand the impact that donor dollars truly make at these shelters, one employee felt compelled to share her personal account of the tour.   Most of us live pretty secure … Continue reading

United Way Hurricane Sandy Recovery Fund

As residents of the Sun City, it is easy to forget how adverse weather conditions can truly cripple the lives of others. While we enjoy another day of sunshine, those affected by Hurricane Sandy are struggling as life returns to normalcy. The United Way Hurricane Sandy Recovery Fund has been established by the United Way … Continue reading

What’s for Lunch Today?

What’s for Lunch Today?

What if you did not know the answer? The leading cause of food insecurity is poverty.  Those living in impoverished conditions are constantly trying to make ends meet with a limited income and continuous expenses.  For many, finding a stable food source is difficult.  When children go hungry, they’re unable to focus completely on their … Continue reading